October 6, 2014

When creating your painting and you begin to get frustrated because things are not going well. Step back! Sometimes you need a fresh perspective and see your work in a different way. Sometimes I turn mine upside down for a while, this helps me not to stare at all my mistakes and refocus. Remember a painting isn't finished until you say it is!

Be blessed!

Spiritual Collection

April 9, 2014
Most of my paintings come from an emotional trauma or dramatic experience in my life and stem from a spiritual lesson learned during that. I paint what I feel but sometimes the Lord reveals himself or his message through my art. I have tried to understand how but now I just accept the vision and go for it! God is good and his word endures forever, I pray that his word speaks volumes through my art in my spiritual collection! God bless!
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The way I see it

April 23, 2012
So many of us are crowd pleasers, but if we are truly honest with the artist within us, we don't see things the same way as others do. As an artist my vision may be impaired to other artists or not, yet I choose not to criticize. The way I see things may stream from a deeper emotional point of view. I choose to look at this world and its intricate details as a creator in which I perceive what it can be, and not for what it is. Taking the beauty out of something ordinary takes skill and an ope...
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