We are a creative ministry for Jesus!

God has answered our prayers! We were praying for a public location so we can open an art studio and gallery God heard us! We now can reach more creative people for Jesus through workshops at Hobby Lobby, Painting parties at Beads in Wonderland and Private at home and studio lessons! We wanted to make a difference in the community through art, by providing beginner art lessons, creating a safe place  to have fun and enjoy art, while providing an opportunity for new & local artists to be discovered,  and now we can! Thanks to God using Wonderland of Americas Mall where my studio is located I see a bigger vision forming!

We are now praying to expand our tent! God is opening doors no man can shut, bringing in people who have caught a hold of our vision, and preparing a way for us to reach out visually with the gospel of Jesus! Please join us in prayer as we see God's hand move and the Holy Spirit guide our steps! We have already begun making prints of my original paintings and entering into large community events with live painting.

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Creative Worship through Live Paint "

I have opened my heart and begun demonstrating live prophetic paintings trough worship. Paintings that demonstrate the heart of God through his word in a visual way. I will come to your event and paint a picture during the event as I am lead to according to the topic, word of God, and Holy Spirit. This is great for church events, such as encounters and bible studies, retreats, or live shows.

 (Details upon request) 210-316-3424


We support you!

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  “Revelations Gallery”
We believe the Lord has commissioned us to create a gallery containing the entire Bible in a visual form. It will be a prophetic gallery called Revelations Gallery.

The first exhibit will contain 22 acrylic paintings of the book of Revelations. The Revelations Exhibit will contain 1 painting per chapter and will illustrate each chapter verse by verse. Each painting will also be painted on a 48x60 canvas and displayed in a horseshoe shape for presentation. There will also be a documentary recording the process of the entire project.

We are currently seeking professional videographers, investors, and volunteers, to also help with this project.

The purpose of this gallery is to educate the people and accurately portray the meanings and imagery used in the book of Revelations.

The Revelations Exhibit will be used as an evangelical tool to bring salvation and grow the church with full revelation and understanding of Jesus Christ. The Entire gallery will be available to the public as a prophetic visual for education of the entire Bible.

Our mission and heart’s desire is to glorify God by using our gifts to enlighten the world and by reaching people through the love of Jesus Christ

Roger Deyo manager and founder along with
Brenda Kay Deyo Artist and co-founder will use their business, Brenda’s Creations Art Studio & Gallery to fund this project with the help of donations, investors and volunteers.

Estimated time is approximately 2 years.

Estimated budget for Revelations Exhibit: $31,680 cost of labor and materials

Location to be announced.

"Holy Spirit"

16x20 Acrylic on canvas



call 210-316-3424for details


painted i did during worship I saw a mighty wind, rushing wave and a tree bending to the power of God's voice